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Web Base Scheduling Systems sound great but can't compare to the features of PT Mgr., and are expensive.


PT Mgr. and PT Schedule are the easiest to use and most complete management software tools on the market today.

Compared to the internet based systems that are currently available it is also the least expensive. One price, no yearly or monthly licensing charges.

Web based systems can't compare with all the features in PT Mgr. Yes they allow you to access the program from anywhere, but, where is your work done..... in your studio.

The internet based systems cost even a small studio about $100 a month, plus 1-2 thousand for setting you up. A five year cost comparison will show you that the web based system will cost 7-8 thousand versus less than 1500 (with 5 years of direct one on one support). And your data resides on your computer that you can quickly and easily backup your data (will the internet companies even be there in 5 years? Or another .dot gone?) We can even show you how to access your program from anywhere via the internet. Put the rest of the money in your own pocket.

Why would you pay more for less features.

PT Mgr. comes with 1 yr free direct computer to computer technical support. We link our computers over the internet and we will be able to see your screen on our computers, it is like having a support or training specialist sitting right next to you. We will spend whatever time is necessary to train you directly on your own computer in how to setup your clients, trainers, your session packages, and your schedules. We will make sure you understand how to use the program every step of the way. No other company on the market today will offer you the training and support levels we do.

The real costs of web based scheduling software are greater than you think ...... (more)

Customizing services for PT Mgr are now available ... (more)

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