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PT Mgr. is a Computer Software Program designed specifically for Fitness Studios, Training Depts of Health and Fitness Centers, Pilates Studios, Spas, and Personal Trainers, to help you run all aspects of your business. No matter what type of facility you have P. T. Mgr. has features that can benefit you...

•  Control Your Training Business 
•  Multi- Trainer Scheduling & Trainer Payroll
•  View All your Trainers Schedules Side by Side
•  Tracks Client Sessions, Money Owed, Payments
•  Email Confirmations, Trainer Web Access (in Beta)
•  Easy to Use , Customizable, and Affordably Priced

Free 30 Day Trial, Free Online Training, Free Data Conversion, Payment Plans available

PT Mgr. Welcomes Sports Club of LA, Old Colony YMCA, the 92nd St. Y, NYC (one of the largest facilities in the US), The David Barton Gyms (all locations), The Beverly Hills Country Club, Freedom Fitness (Cavecreek Az.), to our ever growing list of satisfied clients. Endorsed and used by Phil Kaplan We are used in many of the largest Gyms, Health Clubs, JCC's, Y's, & Wellness Centers, yet are perfect for small studios and independent trainers.

Want to setup an online demo, Send us an email with your contact information - Demo Request

New*** Email and Text Messaging added. Email Reminders, Text Reminders

New*** Barcode Checkin, automatically checkin clients, optionally prints a training ticket

Coming Soon** Credit Card processing, link to QuickBooks, online client booking system

How does it work? Click here to Take a Short Video Tour of the Program

And we can add reports and functionality to the programs with our customizing services to make an already terrific program even better.

We now have UK, Australian and Canadian Versions of the software! The Canadian version tracks both PST and GST and has tax reports. Contact us for Details

NEWS: We have just released a new version of PT Mgr. that allows you to also schedule resources (batting cages, pool lanes, birthday rooms) Allows you to assign instructors or trainers to the resources and all billing can be done right from the schedule. Perfect for Batting Facilities, tracks tunnels, cages, fields etc. Click here for more info: Batting Facility Software

PT Mgr. is actually 2 programs, PT Mgr., where all your management functions are done (adding clients, selling packages, receiving payments) and PT Schedule ( where all your scheduling and check-in is done). You start by telling the system what services you want to schedule (private, 30 min, pilates etc.). Next you are going to put in your trainers and when they work, and how you pay them (trainer payroll is built right into pt schedule so it will calculate for you automatically). Next you put in your packages and their prices. Finally you enter your clients - their contact info, any recurring schedules and how many sessions they currently have available. Once your clients are in you are fully up and running.

Now you just open up PT Schedule, put in your non-recurring appointments (simply by double clicking on the time slot for the selected trainer) and tell the system who is being trained in that slot. Once your schedule is up and running you simply right click on the client you want to check in, select checkin, and the program will go out and see first if that client has any pre paid sessions available and check them in, taking one session away from their account. It will even warn you when a client is getting low on sessions. The only maintenance you do is to sell your clients new packages, check clients in, and maintain time changes and cancellations on a daily basis (we even track client cancellations).

The program has many scheduling, marketing, client, accounting, and revenue reports. It will setup payment plans and recurring contracts if you wish. There are just so many features that are designed solely for the training industry by trainers for trainers.

Client Tracking: Unlimited clients, track all financial history, assessments, workouts, exercise routines, personal info, body fat, time & trainer preferences, body measurements, goals, strategy, client note tracking and to do lists.

Workouts: Quickly and easily create exercise routines, pick from user defined default routines, copy exercises to other workouts, print workouts, performance training, trainer strategy, links directly to appointment book.

Billing: Easily create invoices for sessions, create appointments and workouts automatically from invoice, weekly and monthly billing, Cash Receipts, Credit Memos.

Appointment Book: Links workouts directly to appointments, automatically schedule multiple sessions, tracks trainer on & off times, color coded, daily, weekly, and monthly views, print schedules, easily move appointments, confirmations, too many features to list.

Email: Email workouts & reports to your clients. Reports: A variety of accounting, workout, scheduling, and client reports. Profit per trainer, trainer billing etc.

Video Tutorials: Video tutorials will show you on screen how to use the features of the program. Also includes standard help files.

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